Explanation of backorder mangas

Dear otakus,

We all know that upsetting feeling that the manga volume you want the most is on backorder and won’t be available for some time. There’s that feeling of you had to find something else to be obsessed with while you wait.

Unfortunately, it’s very common this COVID-19 season.

Let’s explain what backorder mangas look likes. So here it goes.
Printing of manga is based on popularity, amount of pre-order, feedback and industry buzz, etc. Publishers will print more if the manga accumulates lots of fans and fewer if unpopular or low demands.

Since COVID-19 is still in sight, a skeletal workforce is happening. Fewer workers are coming in so the printers are only working at half-capacity. Then, a strange thing happens, a manga becomes so highly addictive worldwide that fans are getting crazy to grab a copy. Publishers are drowning in orders for mangas that need a lot of extra copies. Workers are urgently printing but still understaffed because of the COVID, and they still have pending books to print that other people demand, and poof … a manga is on backorder.

So, if you ordered Chainsawman or Jujutsu Kaisen this past few weeks, this is the reason why you haven’t gotten them yet. We know it’s hard to wait for your order. We are a hundred times thankful for your patience as the pandemic pushes the printing industry to its limits. Hopefully, you understand a little bit of what’s happening and why there are suddenly backorders on your order status.

Enjoy reading!

Best regards,

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