Yes, you need to register and create an account on the website first to be able to purchase books.

If you know the book title or the item that you're looking for, you can simply type the Title, Author or ISBN at the Search Bar. You can also browse by Genre by clicking the Shop at the Menu Bar.

If the product that you have in mind is not available in our list of selections, you can click on "Book Request" at the Menu Bar to request for that specific book.

If the book that you're looking for isn't available on our website, you can simply click on the "Book Request" located at the menu bar. Simply fill in the necessary information in the form and our staff will contact you via e-mail or contact number you've provided.

No, we will not force you to buy or special order the book you've requested. We will only check its availability and retail price. This is up to you if you want to proceed to special order the book or not.

As long as you can see the "Add to Cart" button it means that the item is still available to order. Once you click the "Add to Cart" button, your items will automatically be saved in your shopping basket to which you can review once you are done browsing other products.

Once you've finished reviewing the products that you want to order, you will be asked to fill in the necessary information needed for payment and delivery in the Checkout. This includes Customer and Billing information, Shipping Information and Mode of Payment.

Yes, if you wish to ship them separately, please use the Order tracker located at the menu.


Unfortunately, due to bogus buyers we do not accept COD anymore.

For Philippine Customers

- Bank Deposit : BPI, BDO

- Gcash, Paymaya

- Credit Card / Debit Card

- Cash on Delivery (COD)

For International Customers
- Credit Card / Debit Card 

If payments done via Bank Deposit, GCash you will need to send a screenshot or photo of your proof of payment in our e-mail: Once payment is verified by our staff, we will send you an e-mail confirming that your payment has been verified.

Payment verification during office hours only. Mon-Fri 10am-10pm

Prices in our website are subject to change without prior notice. This could be a result of a supplier price change, marketing promotions and fluctuations due to currency exchange rates.

Prices in other sales channel like Shopee is also different due to the transaction fees being deducted by Shopee.

For now, you can entirely pay your order via COD but this is subject to change in the future. Please note that COD cancellations are not allowed. So please be 110% SURE before ordering.

You can pay any amount and anytime you want within 3 months. For every payment made, please send us an email for proof of payment. This is so we can take note of your payments. No need for us to send your payment schedule but if you want to know your remaining balance, please contact us at .

Yes, please contact us at so we can send you payment instructions.


- For Philippine Customers:

J&T Express, Gogo Xpress, ABest (upon special request), LBC (if your location is not supported by any of the couriers above)

-For International Customers:
FedEx Express

For paid orders, we can hold your books up to 14 days.

For COD orders, we can reserve your books 2 days upon sending you an email notification that your book arrived. If you still didn't request to ship your item using the order tracker then your order is automatically canceled.

We ship to all location in the Philippines through J&T Express, Gogo Xpress, ABest and LBC. Shipping fee will depend on your location, size and weight of the items ordered.

Yes, we can ship at selected countries supported by FedEx. Customers should handle tax and custom duties when orders arrived.

Our free shipping promo is only applicable to Philippine customers for a minimum purchase of at least Php 5,499. This free shipping is applicable for both in-stock and pre-order items. Free Shipping will automatically be applied upon checkout of orders Php 5,499 and above.

For on-hand items:

Philippines: 1 - 7 days

Southeast Asia: 4 - 10 days

South Asia: 10 - 20 days

Canada: 10 - 20 days

USA: 10 - 20 days

Europe: 15 - 30 days

For special-order items:

English manga: 3 - 4 months

Japanese manga: 2 - 4 weeks

Korean manhwa: 2 - 4 weeks

As long as there is no tracking number sent to you via e-mail yet, your shipping address can still be changed upon request. Simply contact us at with the e-mail subject: CHANGE SHIPPING ADDRESS.

Once the package is picked up, wait for 24 hrs for your tracking number to reflect on the courier website.

Please use the tracking number sent via your e-mail address used when you ordered. If you still can't track it, you can contact us at


These are the possible reasons why your order is canceled:

1. You didn't pay on time.

2. You paid but forgot to fill out the payment form. Please contact us at so we can restore your order.

3. You choose COD and didn't request for ship out after 2 days when you received an email notification that your order arrived.

We will check every piece of product before shipping, sometimes some items may get damaged during transit to which we have no control. Dents, scratches, and creases are not eligible for return. Only unreadable books are considered as damaged. Please contact the courier so you can file for insurance claim.

Order cancellations made by Hapi Manga may be due to the unavailability of the item ordered. If this happens, we will notify you via e-mail for refund solutions.

As soon as you place your order, we immediately process it in our inventory so unfortunately, you cannot cancel placed orders. Make sure to review your orders first before proceeding to checkout.

For Cash on Delivery orders, if you reject the package and the item was returned to us, we will not accommodate any of your future orders and will mark you as a Joy Reserver or Bogus Buyer in our system.

We only allow return and exchange once the item received is proven as wrong orders shipped. We will not entertain an exchange request due to change of mind. With this, we ask all of our customers to review first your orders in the Shopping Cart and Checkout before payment and order confirmation.

We make sure to double check every item packed and shipped to our customers. But we cannot ignore the possibility of having wrong items shipped due to human error. If this occurs, you may return or exchange it in the following conditions:

- The item must be in its new and original condition which includes the item's wrapping and packaging.

- We must be notified that you have received the wrong item within 2 days via

- If 3 days or more has passed and you still hasn't notified us of any wrong item received, any future claims for return or exchange will not be entertained.

We will only allow books that has not been opened to be returned or exchanged. We have the right to deny Return or Exchange claims if the item was deemed to have traces of usage and removal of covers or tags.


Special order - items that are not on-hand but we can get it for you.

Pre-order - items that are not yet released/published but you can order it now.

Back-order - items that are waiting for reprints.

For Philippine customers, the price reflected in the book are already inclusive of the overseas shipping, and customs tax and duties. Local shipping fee is the only fee not included in the price of the book.

For Philippine customers, cash on delivery method is allowed for special order / pre-order items.

Please see Delivery and Order Fulfillments for the detailed lead time for special order/pre-order items. However, this lead time is dependent on the release date of the publisher. So be careful to those who claimed that they can fulfill your Pre-Order items a day before release or on the release date since this is not possible.

Yes, simply fill up our "Book Request" for us to assist your needs.

No. Once orders are processed in our inventory, cancellations are IMPOSSIBLE unless your orders are unavailable and not yet processed.

Shopee Checkout

For you to save on shipping fees, we allow Shopee checkout.

Checkout any manga here at

You can still pay via bank deposit, gcash, credit card, or COD.

Shopee link will be send via email once your order arrive at our store.

For paid orders, a ₱20 Shopee link will be sent via email.

For COD, additional 5% transaction fee will be charged. For example: ₱480 manga will be ₱504.

Yes. Please be 110% sure before ordering otherwise you'll be put up on our bogus buyers list.

Yes, Shopee link of ₱5 will be sent via email for you to checkout. This is a great option for you to save on shipping fees and transaction fees.

For on-hand:

2-7 days

For special order:

English manga: 3-4 months

Korean manwa: 2-4 weeks

Japanese manga: 2-4 weeks

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